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Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Articles in press

Féron, F.-X., & Guastavino, C. (n.d.). Étudier la musique sous toutes ses formes: la démultiplication des approches scientifiques en musicologie. Histoire de La Recherche Contemporaine.

Articles submitted

Weigl, D. M., Levitin, D. J., & Guastavino, C. (n.d.). The role of rhythmic information in melody identification.
Roque, J., Guastavino, C., Lafraire, J., & Fernandez, P. (n.d.). Plating influences diners’ perception of culinary creativity.
Romblom, D., Guastavino, C., & Depalle, P. (n.d.). Perceptual thresholds for non-ideal diffuse field reverberation.

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