MIL in the Media

Some media reports and interviews about projects conducted at MIL:

Bicycle Comfort:

Wikstrom, M. (2016, June 7). The science of bike building: What is “ride quality” and what factors affect it? Cicylingtips. Retrieved from


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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. (2015, July 31). Play DJ with Musikiosk at Parc du Portugal [Radio interview]. Homerun. Retrieved from

McGill University. (2015, July 31). Musikiosk, le kiosque à musique 2.0 signé McGill et ÉTS. McGill University Newsroom. Retrieved from (in French)

Balade sonore (Montreal Soundwalk)

McGill University. (2015, June 17). Entendez-vous la ville? McGill Reporter. Retrieved from (in French)

Corriveau, J. (2014, November 13). Suivre la rumeur de la ville: un tour guidé du Montréal sonore est organisé par l’UQAM. Le Devoir. Retrieved from (in French)

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