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GLIS 611 – Research Principles and Analysis

Fundamental aspects of reflective thinking, methods and techniques of research in the fields of Library and Information Studies. Includes quantitative and qualitative approaches, criteria helpful in evaluating published research by analyzing the various steps of the research process, thereby providing guidelines for planning, conducting, and reporting research.

GLIS 633 – Multimedia systems

Theoretical and applied principles of multimedia system design. Includes knowledge representation; interfaces; storage and retrieval of text, sound, still images, animation and video sequences; authoring software; data compression; videoconferencing and virtual reality. Students design and develop a small-scale system.

GLIS 692 – Database design and development

Theoretical and applied principles of relational database design. Includes relational theory, conceptual design, database normalization, relational database management systems, SQL queries and database managment. Students design and develop a small-scale system.

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